Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alert: What Could This Possibly Mean?

OK. This is some fucked up shit. I had a dream that I woke up sometime in the late afternoon while the sun was going down, and my family was getting set up for a party. When I asked what was going on, they replied "we are throwing you a 4th of July party and we invited a bunch of people that we think you would've wanted here". So there are various family members, cousins, siblings, etc. running around at this party that I was not aware of. Then some SG people show up as well, and I am shocked to see the following people running around my small-ass apartment:

The Cheddas (!!!! WTF !!!!)

Among others that I can't remember. OK, so a bunch of people start heading outside my apartment to the building staircase to smoke some weed. A big congregation begins, and when I figure out why people are amassing themselves together, I head out to see what the big deal is.

Now for the climax:


My mother is out there smoking weed!


Lemme repeat that if you missed it: I had a dream about my mother smoking weed with my family members and boarding school friends!

Could anyone please tell me what this might mean? Like in the least?

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