Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh Yeah, It's Bad

How Could You Let Go of This?

Actually, I assume she just ran when he finally let go of her. Crackheads have killer grips, you know? Amy Crackhouse and Pete Doherty have called it quits. Finally.

The real question is, when is she going to end her love affair with Valium, Cocaine, and Oxycodone? Never. Because those are ties that bind. True love right there.

His grill is completely MindFuck, BTW.

More Jackson Family Heartbreak

Jermaine Dupri's selfish ass was like "I'm sorry, Janet, but you are too emotional these days, it's over." I'm not kidding, people. Actually, I don't know if that's the real reason, LMAO. But I do think it's a bit heartless to break up with her after a years-long relationship in the middle of one of her most emotional time spans.

Then again, I would dump a chick who was rocking hats that like that one. Assuming I was dating a chick. Or dating in general. The thought amuses me....

New Tag for JD: "Douchy Fucks". He deserves it.

Rihanna Has a Britney Moment

Following in the steps of One Hit Wonder Cassie Ventura, Rihanna went ape-shit and shaved the sides of her head. I'm thinking Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Or maybe one of those rights from Chris Brown knocked a screw loose. I'm not completely sure.

What do people think about this new look? I'm not a fan. But she's certainly not ugly. Once Chris Brown get's a hold of her police-calling ass, she will be though! At least she put her bazoombas away.

Whitney Houston Immortalized in Wax

90s Crack Queen Whitney Houston had her wax figure stand in for her album cover photo shoot. What happened to the ashy, dry lips? The lack of breasts? The overly bony shoulders? The fucked up weave--oh, wait, no that's still there.

Anyone actually looking forward to this album? Whitney might be way past her prime.

Nom Nom Nom Nom

OK, so I'm just posting this because secretly I've always dreamed of seeing Vin Diesel chow down on some fried chicken. So... yeah.