Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shake that Ass, Katie!

Oh, how wondrous weddings really are. It's always a delight when, far after the rings have been placed on each other's fingers, the broom has been hopped, and the church has been abandoned, we all take on a little past time valued far above most: getting fucked up and dancing by oneself. It's wonderful, enjoyable, and expected.

Unfortunately, when you are arguably the most successful television journalist today, you sort of give up the right to do ridiculous shit like this... at least when cameras are around. Well 52-year-old Katie Couric decided to say "fuck looking presentable, I needsta shake my ass". And boy did she shake... on literally anyone she could find... including the cameraman, it would appear. (If seeing that last pic coming at you through your camera lens doesn't scare you off... you've got some serious nuts.)

You wanted a cougar? She's all yours.