Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is This What College Is Like?

This is bringing back grand memories of senior parties. Get it, Grandma!

This is buck wild. Unbelievable.

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Courtney LoveDrugs is getting her own special tag. Kudos to you! Now go put some clothes on.

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If you are not pumped about seeing this sometime in the near future, something might be legitimately wrong with you. July 10, 2009, everywhere, Rated R, yadda yadda. This shit is gonna be hysterical!

What do you guys think?

The Breasts of Man...Again.

People are not getting it. There is nothing acceptable about having your hairy chesticles/nipples all out in public. Wearing a see-through mesh shirt is not only terribly inconsiderate to all the people around you who, now confused, thought that see-through mesh muscle shirts died with "I'm Too Sexy", but is also a prime target for my anger and ranting (speaking of ranting, go visit It's quite funny.)

Jude Law is a criminal for doing this to us. This may not transgress as much as Adrien Brody's cardigan fug-up (see "Breasts of Man", but this is still quite dispicable. See-through? For real though?

I can't take it. Simply not cute. Well, as long as he isn't pulling this BS in America, I'll be fine. Keep this hairy shit in EUROPE.

New Tag: "Chesticles". You guys have earned it.