Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mischa Barton Claws Hers Dress To Shreds

She's so wild and crazy these days! Little ole Mischa lost the beer chin but gained a really bad feline temper. And her dress took the brunt of the punishment. And then she wore it to display how ferocious she was.

But seriously, this is disgusting. She's kinda pretty again, I guess....



Cassie Ventura used to look good. What the fuck happened? Now she just looks like a registered sex offender from Paris. And her new song with Diddy is doody.


Keri Hilson Takes A Dip Into a Giant Tub of Vaseline

Damn, Keri! Why are you so damn shiny? I love you, though. She looks good, but I don't understand why she went all out with the cocoa butter.

True Life: My Father is Famous But I Still Deal Meth for Fun

Cameron Douglas

Cameron Douglas, son of legendary actor Michael Douglas, grandson of legendary actor Kirk Douglas, just got busted for attempting to deal meth. Why does this happen? Don't act like you are caught in the struggle. You don't need to make ends meet in any sense of the words.

Dealing meth is never a good look. Just in case anyone reading this was planning to do so.


Damn. This is when you know you need to quit smoking. Jack Nicholson is too much.

Fatty Clarkson Eats Reporters for Breakfast

Run, Sam Champion, Run!

Here is Fatty Clarkson showing how much she can fit in her mouth at once for all the New York news watchers. Don't think she is completely ape shit? Scroll down.

She's lost every damn screw.

Alert: White People Spotted At 106 & Park

I wonder where they were trying to go and how they unluckily landed here...

But on a more serious note, Marlon Wayans and might-as-well-be-black actor Channing Tatum dragged their fearful caucasian costars into what might as well be a Black Panthers meeting to promote their latest movie, "GI Joe: Rise of Cobra", due in theaters this Friday. Will it be good? I wonder, I wonder.

Death of Nigga-Naps


If Jay Z weren't such a good rapper, he would be permanently banned from every respectable part of America for rocking the nappy roots like it's a good look. It's not. Note to all negros, hispanics, etc. with thick hair: GET THAT SHIT CUT! Jay Z can't step to anyone trying to be hard when he is rocking crack locks.

And what is he trying to lick?