Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This is BUCK WILD! AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! That is 30 pounds of glass hanging from her labias! Cooks Up Some Funny Motivational Posters

mahmoud ahmedinejad

Wish this poor girl lived to see people praise her for this.

sarah palin

But when she quit she fixed most of it.

nancy pelosi and rahm emanuel

They work better this way. Let them be.

political pictures for your blog

And this shit is just funny.

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Wildenstein's Case of the Stares

So sexy.

Parents: keep those children wherever you were hiding them from the last entry.

What a Surprise

Lady Buttsexxx has her intimate sexual fetishes on public display again. Apparently, not being able to see, hear, or speak is a legit fashion statement. And a REAAAALLLL turn-on.

Seriously, I can't even be upset at Lady Rimjob anymore. She just continues to offend and transgress, as if she is looking to scare little children, offend religious sects, alienate and terrorize civilians all over, and simply bring pain to the average person's life.

I mean, was this to keep people from identifying you? Because this is a press conference, so you need to say who you are. Not that we didn't know when we saw that blond weave come floating in on top of an oddly-clad mannequin who's face was wrapped like it just got out of a rhinoplasty (which Lady Buttsexxx desperately needs).

Even if we could only see the blatant wig that this porn star is wearing, we would still be a bit uncomfortable and disturbed. Why do you do this to us, Lady? Why?


The Breasts of Man


I have absolutely no problem with men working out and having a body that is worth showing off, nor do I have a problem with it being shown off in the right situation and in the right way. This is not that case, at all.

Adrien Brody thought it might be fun and hip to flaunt his chesticles with a cardigan a silk scarf at the Boss Orange show (Berlin Fashion Week, I assume). He was wrong. A sweater should not be about a centimeter from exposing your nipples. That delicate silk scarf is the perfect way to say "despite my beard, I am a woman". And no matter how attractive your muscular chest may appear, that takes no attention away from your withdrawal-symptom eye bags. Or your derelict beard.

Hugo Boss is classy. Why not follow suit? Shave and COVER THE FUCK UP. Keep your slightly hairy areolas to yourself. Unless we're in that mood, of course.

Alert: Oh, Shit, RUN!


From Bravo TV if they decide to cast this as one of the "Real" House"wives" of New York for Season 3! This is Jocelyn Wildenstein, and she has a legit plastic surgery addiction.

This is not cute! It's scary! It's fugly! It's horrifying! It scares children and adults alike! I simply am not a fan of this kind of visual abuse! Getting a new hairstyle doesn't cover up your malleable playdoh face!!!!!!!!

Parents: hide the children as far away from even images of this "woman" aka wax figure aka ANTICHRIST!

*barf in mouth*