Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Didn't Realize It Was Halloween Already...

Kim Kardashian Celebrates Birthday with Family

Well, if it is, Kim Kardashian is, unsurprisingly, all over that shit. And she is coming as a metallic, cheetah-printed strawberry. She must've been going to that "Everyone Wears Their Favorite Condom Flavor Party", but they weren't going to allow her to come with nothing on... or covered in jizz. Kinda sad, really, since that's the only thing she looks comfortable covered in.

Available for Your Children's Birthday Party!

If fucked-up looking cross-dressing basketball players are your forte, then for the last decade and a half, there hasn't been a better person to stare at in disgust and complete wonder than the one and only Dennis Rodman. Seen here preparing to walk for John Galliano's Spring/Summer/Apocalypse 2012 collection, Dennis brings back memories of the birthday clown that didn't smile enough, touched you too often, and made provocatively shaped balloon figures. It creeped you out, huh? He would start folding that balloon, but no matter what, the balloon shape he wanted you to have was "sausage". And while you studied the meaning of such a balloon shape, you felt something slide up your leg....

OK, maybe that's just me.

He still looks fucking disgusting.